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new Central Bank Governor vows to improve economy

HomeNewsnew Central Bank Governor vows to improve economy
new Central Bank Governor vows to improve economy
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Dr. Othom Rago Ajak, the newly appointed governor of South Sudan’s Central Bank has pledged to work hard to improve the country’s economy and reduce inflation.

In his first speech as new central bank governor during the swearing in ceremony before President Salva Kiir today at the State House, Othom thanked President Kiir for appointing him as governor of the central bank of South Sudan. He vowed to exert great efforts to make economic reforms.

“We are grateful to the president for selecting us and putting his confidence that we can run the bank. However, with the experience, we shall try our best with what is happening in our economy,” said Othom.

“Of course the problem with the people of South Sudan is the inflation and instable and unstable exchange rate. We shall be working to address these issues and hopefully, we shall do something about it,” he added.

The new official said that he will try his level best within his 100 days in office to ensure there are orders in place to regulate the system and improve the current situation.

For his part, President Salva Kiir advised the new administration of the central bank to work hard in order to address the current economic crisis in the country.

“I want to repeat that don’t disappoint your people, because I followed the news in the evening, and your people had been writing a lot, congratulating you and thanking me for appointing all of you,” said Kiir.

“Now if they hear tomorrow that you went into a different corner, they will be very much disappointed, we don’t want this thing to happen. We are hopeful that you will change the situation and as Stephen (Minister) says we have lost the value of our currency,” he added.


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