Bank of South Sudan
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    South Sudan, Juba, P.O.Box 136
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To foster price stability, sustainable economic growth

and sound financial system in the Republic of South Sudan through excellent regulatory framework, monetary and exchange rate operations, advisory and banking services

The Bank of South Sudan is mandated by the Bank of South Sudan Act Sec.77(5) to collect, compile, analyze and disseminate information related to monetary and balance of payments statistics.
Bank regulation refers to the written rules that define acceptable behavior and conduct for financial institutions. The Board of Governors, along with other bank regulatory agencies,
The department is made up of a Front Office which initiates the deals with the clients, Middle office which do risk analysis on the clients and the deals agreed upon by the Front Office. The Back Office then completes settlement of all deals.
Daily Exchange Rate for 23/10/2018
Currency Selling Buying
USD 150.9817 148.7338
EURO 174.3084 171.6686
GBP 197.5897 194.5736
JPY 1.3393 1.3193
CHF 151.6033 149.2712

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Balance of payment is a statistical summary of all transactions in an economy between resident and non-resident in a given period
highly effective way to communicate with our customers
refers to the process whereby governments and financial institutions invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline